ACATEC Residence

ACATEC Residence

The students live in the residence-apartment, very close to the Sports City, with an older adult guardian that controls the perfect coexistence and the observation of the regulations. The laundry and meals are held in the Sports City and ACATEC staff is responsible for cleaning the residence.

* Students can be accommodated according to different criteria according to the disposition of the tutors of the residence.

The ACADEMIA TÉCNICA DE FÚTBOL pursues training in human values and this is also worked through daily coexistence. Instead of isolating our students in individual rooms, we encourage tolerance, respect, and character strengthening by hosting young athletes in multiple rooms, where, in addition to learning to share, team spirit is built.

Our students learn to live with young footballers from all over the world, from different races, languages, cultures, creeds and customs. They discover other ways of living and seeing life, learn to respect them and strengthen their own values and principles, acquired at home. Also, learn to value your home and the effort of your families to give them everything they have.


The food service is offered at the SPORTS CITY RESTAURANT but it is served to all the students of the program, also to those who live in the apartments-residence.

Experienced professional staff prepares five daily meals following a strict special nutritional regime for athletes, is in charge of the laundry and cleaning of the residence, first medical attention and supervision and control of the discipline and rules of coexistence in the premises.

University Village Residence in Alicante


  • Located outside the Sports City, they are a few minutes walk from the ACATEC SPORTS CITY.
  • 3 or 4 rooms per residence. Multiple rooms (Between 2 and 4 or more students per room, installed in bunk beds, depending on the size of each room).
  • Closet / personal box to keep your belongings tidy (The dimensions of the cupboards are small, since students must learn to live with the essential clothing and keep their uniform in order) These lockers are locked with a key, from which Each student is responsible.
  • 1 or 2 bathrooms to share among the inhabitants of the apartment.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Safes with personal combination for each student.
  • Weekly cleaning of the residence.
  • Residents can also enjoy the following services that are within the Sports City:
  • Study rooms and meetings.
  • Lockers to store all study material, such as books and computers or mobile phones.
  • Large leisure room with sofas, TV and WI-FI internet access, for your leisure hours.
  • Private dining room for students of the cooking service program.
  • Changing rooms in sports facilities where you can change and shower after training.
  • Daily laundry service.
  • Lunch buffet
  • Gym
  • Heated pool